Great Falls Group

Explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.

Message from the Great Falls Group Chair

Welcome! This is a great time to get involved with the Sierra Club. Our environment needs your help more now than ever, and the Sierra Club is going through some exciting changes. In addition to traditional campaigns to preserve undeveloped and agricultural land, and to clean our air and water for the health of our communities, the Sierra Club is taking strong action against Global Warming. Global Warming threatens to dramatically reshape our world with higher sea levels, endanger our health with the migration of tropical diseases and insects, and threaten our homes with more energetic storms and altered precipitation patterns. If left unchecked, Global Warming will substantially reduce world agricultural output, overwhelm coastal cities, and dramatically impoverish the ability of the planet to support higher forms of life.

The Sierra Club is working nationwide to promote energy efficiency and move from fossil fuels to sustainable forms of energy production. The Sierra Club is also supporting efficient, mixed-use community designs with multiple transportation options to reduce commutes, increase quality family time, and use land and transportation fuels conservatively and efficiently. To realize this vision of the future, the Sierra Club is partnering with other environmental champions, civic organizations, and faith groups. The Sierra Club is also reaching out more than ever to new volunteers, and developing them into knowledgable, empowered, and concerned community leaders who make a difference in their communities and beyond.

We look forward to meeting you! Come to one of our monthly meetings or an upcoming event to learn more about our Smart Growth or Cool Cities Campaigns, or contact us for more information.


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